We care about your home

We care about your home

It has been difficult for all of us since Coronavirus came into our lives. Our routine was interrupted by extreme conditions and it was essential to stay at home in order to stop the virus. Our home became something more: an office, gym, school, university, workplace, spa zone, restaurant, etc. After spending so much time in here some of us may feel exhausted from sameness and our home may seem unattractive. But it is still our home. We understand that you may struggle to feel comfortable. That is why we offer you these exclusive products. With our shop you don‘t need to be interior designer – buy with confidence, because these goods are designed to make you feel cozy and warm.

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We are ArcadiHome

It is believed that Arcadia was home of the God of the forest – Pan. Nature spirits and nymphs were claimed to live in there with him. Arcadia is a perfect representation of harmony and this is what we lack in these times. We hope our ArcadiHome shop will bring a harmony to your house and make it more lovely place.

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